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The Capita HR Café

Join the Capita HR solutions team at our select events around the UK

Our latest research into the role and aspirations of HR asked respondents ‘What keeps you awake at night?’ You told us your key challenges are retention, engagement, development, lack of skills, talent attraction, and performance.

From June onwards, the Capita HR solutions team will be hosting intimate events at our offices around the UK designed to help you address these challenges in a holistic way. Our café style get-togethers will cover headlines from our research plus two learning sessions from our HR experts Barry Shannon and Kate Harper.

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The successful business data scientist - Barry Shannon

The successful alchemist turns base metal into gold. An HR manager who has mastered the use of analytics can do much the same; turning everyday HR information into invaluable business insights. The very best are considered wizards! - whether it be for creating the elixir of life or for turning reams of numbers into strategy changers.

In this session, Capita’s Barry Shannon will explain what we mean by big data and HR analytics, and will help you understand where the opportunities for your organisation lie. Barry will share data on what other organisations think they are doing – and what they could actually be doing! And he will provide tips for becoming an accomplished data alchemist.

Meet Barry Shannon

A practical 10 step journey - Kate Harper

“We spend considerable time, effort and energy gathering and logging data and information, filling boxes in a spreadsheet which tell us the answer is 42. But we don’t know what this means or what to do about it”, said one of our clients at our first meeting. If this is your business, then our session on Strategic Workforce Planning is for you.

Kate’s session will explain SWP in the most practical and jargon-free terms. Starting with the origins of workforce planning, Kate will explain how a number of the challenges you may be facing can be overcome by targeted, practical action. Using Capita Talent Consulting’s 10 step journey planner, Kate will use practical examples, tools and best-practice stories from clients to help you make headway in your own organisation.

Meet Kate Harper

Read what our MD, Julie Baker has to say about the survey results

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