The Alchemist

The successful business data scientist

Join Capita HR Solutions’ Barry Shannon at the Digital DNA conference in Belfast.

Date: Wednesday 8th June, 2016

Venue: St. Georges Market, Oxford St, Belfast, Antrim BT1 3LA

Barry’s session will de-mystify big data and teach you how to become a data alchemist in your organisation.

The successful alchemist turns base metal into gold. An HR manager who has mastered the use of analytics can do much the same; turning everyday HR information into invaluable business insights. The very best alchemists are considered wizards! - whether it be for creating the elixir of life or for turning reams of numbers into strategy changers.

In this workshop, Capita’s Barry Shannon will explain what we mean by big data and HR analytics, and will help you understand where the opportunities for your organisation lie. Barry will share data on what other organisations think they are doing – and what they could actually be doing! And he will provide tips for becoming an accomplished data alchemist.


  • Demystifying the concept of ‘Big Data’ in HR
  • Understanding why we are so reluctant to engage with HR analytics
  • Discovering where your organisation sits in terms of maturity
  • Selling the concept beyond the HR office
  • Ways to start using your existing data to provide insights
  • Moving on to the cool stuff – advanced / predictive analytics
  • Creating a plan for driving data analytics further in your business

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