The Future of work and technology
The Future of work and technology

The Future of work and technology

A revelation at your fingertips? - do you understand what’s possible from your HR data?

Here are details of our Think Tank Session which we ran at the HR Directors Business Summit The Future of work and technology stream.

Date: 2nd February 2016 - Thursday, 4th February 2016

Venue: The ICC, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA, England

Few could have predicted the impact that technology would have on the world of work, and keeping pace with the speed of technological change has made pinpointing future HR challenges a near-impossible task. Whilst technology and advancements in analytics are providing access to ever-growing amounts of real-time data, an overload of data and a lack of clarity about objectives can hamper HR’s appetite to dive in.

Becoming a data-driven HR function that can leverage evidence-based approaches in support of its decision-making provides a golden opportunity for HR. HR functions that are bold in embracing this new agenda, and in deriving insight from workforce data, will be the first to demonstrate the strategic value of HR to the business.

Solutions can help to make sense of the vast amounts of data in the HR environment; turning workforce data from numbers into insight that is of strategic value to the organisation. Innovative, data-driven solutions transform how organisations manage their talent - enhancing business performance through people.

The technology is there. HR analytics is ready and waiting to drive your business but is your business ready to make that journey?

In this session, Capita will take you on that journey. You will gain an understanding of how to use HR analytics to drive evidence-led organisational change saving money, reacting to attrition and delivering measurable ROI. After the session, you will be able to come to the table with a clearer vision for adding value through data-driven organisational insight.

A revelation at your fingertips?

Listen to Eric Tyree talking about HR Analytics and how they can achieve ROI.

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A revelation at your fingertips

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