Barnet Council

Unifying Reward and Driving Performance

Building a great place to work at London Borough of Barnet Council

Our client’s need

The London Borough of Barnet Council knew it needed to make changes to the way it attracted, developed and retained people in order to be an employer of choice in a competitive market. Specifically, there was a requirement to review the way the council rewarded performance; balancing the need to retain great people with budget constraints.

Capita HR solutions works in partnership with Barnet Council across a number of areas including HR. The council asked Capita to pick up this HR project, and to manage it, while involving the council’s employees as well as unions to ensure a successful outcome for all. The goal was to create a compelling proposition for employees and future employees that is fair, open, and drives performance through people.

The project had been in discussion since 2011 and had experienced some set-backs due to its sensitive nature. The Capita team, led by Strategic HR Director, Graeme Lennon, put a timeline in place that would see the consultation, sign-off and project implementation happen within seven months.

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