Empowering Managers at the London Borough of Hackney Council

Empowering Managers at the London Borough of Hackney Council

The Goal

Stemming from a need to operating more efficiently within a lean structure, and a desire to develop stronger leadership amongst managers and team leaders, the Council decided to move to an HR business partner model in 2015.

The Council leaders knew they wanted a structure that encouraged managers to take responsibility for their own teams, but that offered the support of expert advice and governance when required. To help transition to the new model, the Council appointed Capita HR Solutions to create a development programme for managers.

The goal of the programme was to equip managers to deal with day to day issues that in the past they may have referred to HR, and to educate managers about how best to use HR business partner support. Managers would have expert HR support when they needed it, but at the same time, the Council could reduce the size of its in-house team; making cost savings and providing development opportunities for managers at all levels.

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