In a sector known for its peaks and troughs you can rely on Capita for flexible support


We know that retail is detail, and that it’s crucial for all that detail to be accurate, especially when it comes to employees and payroll. Capita provides cost-effective, high quality services to your employees that can be flexed according to your business needs.

Our specialist retail teams who understand the pressures of seasonal variations, and peaks and troughs in demand, ensure your business runs smoothly no matter what market conditions it operates in. We can manage non-standard payroll requirements such as weekly pay, seasonal team remuneration, bonuses and overtime, smoothly and efficiently and provide MI to inform you in real-time about your workforce.

Our scale means we have the expertise to provide advice, and the resources to up-scale and down-scale the level of support you need. Our sector experts are well placed to provide guidance on creating efficiency through people, and using MI we can guide you on making best use of your workforce. We provide analysis key to the retail sector such as staff utilisation versus store revenue. Our data analytics enable you to make swift, informed decisions about your workforce.

Capita’s services make it easy for your employees to contact us directly with questions, and we work to minimise the number of HR-related queries directed to your managers by engineering slick and efficient processes. Capita manages all data capture, creates fast data input mechanisms, and checks and monitors data and the status of employee queries. By using Capita for your HR and payroll needs, you free up the workforce to contribute to your bottom line.

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Our specialist retail teams understand the pressures of seasonal variations, and peaks and troughs in demand.