Payroll Services for Expatriates
Payroll Services for Expatriates

Payroll Services for Expatriates

Our dedicated expatriate payroll and HR team can help you navigate the regulations surrounding inbound and outbound expatriates. We provide a full range of payroll services, HR administration and advice and guidance specifically for expatriate workers. Our services cover foreign nationals currently working in the UK and employees of organisations considering setting up UK operations.

With combined experience of more than 50 years in expatriate HR and payroll, we help you to interpret regulations, improve the service to your employees, reduce payroll costs and free up HR to focus on core business.

Overall, Capita HR solutions manages payroll services for 120 clients and 1,700 schools, paying nearly 300,000 client employees and pensioners in the UK and Ireland. We act as the sole touchpoint for all pay transactions including payslips, ad-hoc allowances and bonuses for the entire employee lifecycle.

Our services for expatriate employees

Expatriate payroll services

  • Payroll set up in the UK
  • Advice on ex-pat issues
  • Net to gross calculation of salary
  • Calculation of Hypo Tax and NIC
  • Obtaining NT codings
  • Dealing with NIC issues
  • Tax treaties
  • Certificates of coverage & A1’s
  • Named helpdesk contact

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