Talent Consultancy
Talent Consultancy

Talent Consulting

Talent is top of many CEO agendas, and with a range of bespoke tools and expert consultants, Capita can help you improve business performance through people.

Why Capita?

We know that a commitment to continuous improvement results in enhanced business performance. That’s why all our work is measurable, ensuring transformation and development happen during, and beyond, the project lifecycle. The Capita Talent Consultancy provides an expert external perspective through our consultants who all bring relevant in-house, industry, consultancy and HR experience to our clients. Our approach is based on science; through our suite of diagnostic and HR analytics tools, we offer strategic, yet practical consulting with real results.

Our services

Resourcing optimisation

We help our clients’ resourcing functions operate efficiently and effectively. Our expert consultants, robust methodologies and approach to skills transfer via our practical boot-camps enable our clients to operate from a solid foundation and to provide business-aligned impactful services.

Some of our clients instinctively know what they need to fix, although they may not know exactly why, or how. Our accelerated benefit boot camps enable them to make significant improvements quickly and simply whilst demonstrating benefits to the business.

Our expert consultants provide advice and support as part of knowledge-transfer during and after the completion of resourcing optimisation projects. Our solutions and our philosophy have been designed to address the real causes of sub-optimal resourcing activity. We work closely with our clients to understand exactly what the problems are, and our methodology and tools have been built specifically to address them.

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Diversity and inclusion

Capita Talent Consulting provides a full range of services and resources to help clients achieve faster, measurable and sustainable progress towards their D&I objectives. The execution of the D&I strategy requires deep insight and expertise, which we offer through bespoke tools and highly expert consultancy based on years of global practice.

Our industry renowned consultants work with you, using their decades of expertise and our bespoke tools to determine the key elements and decisions required to design and implement an effective and cohesive D&I strategy. We specialise in diagnostics which take the ‘cultural pulse’ of your organisation and help you make the right decisions based on current data and insight.

We know how to avoid the classic pitfalls and help you avoid costly mistakes which often occur when time, effort and budgets are focused on D&I-related activities which only address symptoms rather than achieving the fundamental change required.

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People analytics

Analytics is changing the way businesses think about every facet of performance through people.  From attracting, recruiting and developing talent, to employee relations and engagement, analytics is providing evidence to inform high performance working.

Organisations setting out on this journey are typically at different stages of development both in terms of the coverage and completeness of their data, and their ability to interpret and analyse the data outputs once generated. Our flexible solution means that we can tailor our approach to meet the needs of each organisation allowing you to build the sophistication of your analytics capability over time.

Our multifunctional teams (comprising data analysts and seasoned HR professionals) are supported by our own, leading edge data analytics platform, should you not have your own.  Together they clean, analyse and transform data, generate high class analytical outputs, build predictive models and generate dashboard-based outputs which inform decision-making. 

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Strategic workforce planning

Workforce planning is at its best where art and science meet. Based on a blend of data and manager insights, our approach and tools enable you to draw a picture of the people you will need in the short, medium and long term. Based on a variety of predictions about workforce growth or contraction, we help you to understand the impact in terms of capacity and capability - and the extent to which skills gaps need to be addressed to deliver the business strategy.

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