People analytics
People analytics

People Analytics

Analytics is changing the way businesses think about every facet of performance through people. From attracting, recruiting and developing talent, to employee relations and engagement, analytics is providing evidence to inform high performance working.

As well as driving insight from traditional HR data platforms, high quality analytics allows organisations to combine data from different areas of the business allowing them to explore how people impact on the bottom line and contribute to organisational effectiveness.

Our flexible solution means that we can tailor our approach to meet the needs of each organisation allowing you to build the sophistication of your analytics capability over time.

Our multifunctional teams (comprising data analysts and seasoned HR professionals) are supported by our own, leading edge data analytics platform, should you not have your own. Together they clean, analyse and transform data, generate high class analytical outputs, build predictive models and generate dashboard-based outputs which inform decision-making.

We recognise that not all people managers are data savvy and therefore we take a pragmatic approach, demystifying analytics by talking the language of the business and bringing business challenges to life through storytelling and visualisation.


We can tailor a solution to meet your needs whether you:

  • Have a specific HR problem that you want to solve;
  • Have a broader business critical theme you want to explore;
  • Want a full solution that allows you to interrogate all of your data to identify problems that may be lurking unseen.


Our teams are led by HR professionals able to identify the right data and analytics solutions to provide insight to address people-related business challenges.

Our technology: People intelligence

Our unique analytics platform, People Intelligence which is powered by Activ8 enables you to:

  • Pull data together from multiple and varied data sources so that we can create insight from data previously held in disparate systems
  • Create data feeds so that data sources can be refreshed on a regular basis – even daily if that it considered pertinent;
  • Analyse and interrogate the data and, where the data is sufficiently robust, run predictive analytics programmes to consider future trends and scenarios
  • Create graphs and charts using ‘real English’ queries, for example view attrition by department and location
  • Identify critical trends and areas for improvement through the Mission Control function that uses a traffic light system to flag areas where performance is improving and areas where performance is declining

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