Reduce risk
Reduce risk
We provide peace of mind for the every-day and high risk HR activities

Capita’s robust governance structures ensure high standards of compliance wherever your organisation operates. By ensuring your business functions within the law, including in the complex area of international employment law, Capita significantly reduces risk to the business.

During times of change such as during a merger or acquisition, Capita affords the agility the business needs to implement effective on-boarding, payroll and governance on a large scale. Likewise, during organisational downsizing and restructuring Capita ensures redeployment, outplacement and relocation run smoothly; effectively de-risking the impact of change on people and improving business continuity.

As your business goes through change, whether it be implementation of new brand and processes or a move into new markets, Capita can provide support to manage all the human elements of the transition. In doing so, we will empower your managers too – providing HR expertise and training where managers may lack confidence.

Through our HR advisory service, we oversee high risk activities for the business such as grievance and disciplinary investigations, redundancy and absence or capability issues. Our consultants provide best-in-class support and governance - using Capita’s best practice standards for managing sensitive issues. Capita caries out all pre-employment screening and necessary compliance requirements including background checks and right to work, minimising risk from the outset.

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