Managers Guide to Payroll

Scheduled Course Date


Payroll can be a complex area and any errors can have a significant impact.

This course will provide managers with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage their payroll and respond effectively to staff pay-related queries.

Who is it for?

New managers or administrators who are responsible for payroll in their establishments or those who would like a skills refresher.

What will the session cover?

  • An understanding of payroll terminology, statutory payments and deductions and how these are calculated
  • An overview of family leave provisions and employee rights
  • What tax codes mean
  • An overview of National Insurance and contributions
  • Understanding payslips
  • About Real Time Information and pension entitlements

Benefits of attending - You will be able to:

  • Be confident in your record keeping
  • Be able to accurately respond to payroll queries
  • Liaise confidently with your payroll provider

Please check our scheduled course dates here. If you can't find a suitable date or would like to find out about bespoke and in-house courses, please contact us by email at or on 08712 307 899 to discuss your requirements.

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